On Youtube : High Quality Tamil Karaoke Music with Lyrics

Here is a Channel on which offers, Tamil Karaoke Music with synchronized Lyrics.

User Bacha Dharshan ( on Youtube is one of my favourite and subscribed channel for Tamil karaoke songs.

This karaoke channel was launched few months ago. Now it hosts about 230+ Quality Music Karaoke Tracks till date.

Here is the channel discription as it is written on the user page.

Love singing…. That’s what made me to do this karaoke……… You are free to use these in public performances. No prior permission needed.

Soundtracks used in this project don’t belong to me. Some are downloaded from the web and some are given to me by my musician friends from India, Norway, Canada and Malaysia. And also, from some CD’s I bought.

The credits go to the musicians who have spent many hours to make these soundtracks. Most of them are unknown to us. My part is only to write lyrics and make the video files.

Please do not use this site for any financial benefits. It is not morally right for us to make money from others'(musicians) creations.

For the list of songs uploaded here goto……

I”ll be very happy to see you singing. So, if you have sung any of these songs and recorded it, please let me know about it.

So go the channel page and start singing aloud.

Hate Streaming ?

Want to download the tracks to your Desktop PC ? Use services like Keepvid (free) or Clipnabber (free) or Internet Download Manager (Paid).

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