How to make the computer say “Hello” to you, at startup

Here is a yet another vbs scripting TUT.We have already seen some Beginner TUT’s based on vbs scripting for fun here. Here is a new one.

The main idea depends on making microsoft narrator[in built in Windows OS] to speak some text you want it to,that’s done using some vbs code as you can see in the image above

open Notepad, copy and  paste the following :

Dim TextToNarrate, Narrator

TextToNarrate=”Hello bro

Set Narrator=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

Narrator.Speak TextToNarrate

You can also change that text in bold to whatever you want the computer to say to you,  you can make it call you by name , and you can have fun with some friends with that way .

ok, now save that notepad file as speakit.vbs , remember to save it as “all files” not “.txt”

ok, test it. working fine, now it’s time to add it to  the startup.


and navigate to the following key


on the right side, add a new string value ,name it Speakit,double click it and then add the exact path of the .vbs file you created as c:\speakit.vbs


3 thoughts on “How to make the computer say “Hello” to you, at startup

  1. HitByMetorite

    That script may not always work and users may need a variation like:

    Dim TextToNarrate, Narrator
    TextToNarrate=”Hello Bro”
     Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
     Speak.Speak TextToNarrate


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