Solving Facebook Video Calling Problems & Initial Hiccups

Facebook just launched its new Video Calling feature yesterday and it seems millions have started using it worldwide.

Setting Up facebook Video Calling

To make video calls on Facebook users will require a webcam-equipped computer and then select a friend they want to video chat with.

In the chat window that pops up, clicking on a small blue video icon brings up the video chat feature (or when a friend tries to make a video call to the user) and the first time the user will be prompted to download and run a 482KB .exe file.

Once the setup downloads and downloads and installs the necessary files, the user is ready for a face-to-face chat.

NO option for Group Video Chat

That feature is available on Google Plus, a social service that Google began testing last week with a small number of invited users.


The Facebook video calling feature is experiencing some initial hiccups with many users reporting problems with their video calling.

The error message that Facebook displays, reads, “The software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.”

Why Isn’t Video Calling Working ?

Here are some things you can do if you’re having trouble with video calling:

  • Make sure you are using a supported browser.
  • Make sure another program isn’t using your webcam. Check all instant messaging programs, browsers and video editing software.
  • Check that your webcam is compatible with your operating system.
  • If you are using Windows, make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft DirectX.
  • Download the most recent drivers for your webcam from the webcam manufacturer’s website.

Video Quality

Some other issues with Facebook video calling include quality of the video, that some users have pointed out is better on Skype. Also there is no way to resize the video window.

Online Resources for Trouble shooting

Facebook Help page  : http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=240179112675655

43 thoughts on “Solving Facebook Video Calling Problems & Initial Hiccups

  1. Nicey

    when I log on to facebook my friend video call box comes up with me calling  and the cancel button will not cancel the video call right away so them are called when ever I gone on. It annoying for them. please help me

    1. Anonymous

      You have some really crazy issues. If you don’t need facebook Video Calling Feature. Please consider disabling it.

      Follow the tutorial here to remove fb video calling plugin from your computer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn-e2S3w9Io


      1. syed afsar

        simply uninstall fb video calling software from add/remove programs then install it again definately this will work

  2. Florojoselito

    i install the fbvideocall setup, it was successfully installed but the video icon in the message box was not in it even in my profile on the top right corner.. what should i do

  3. D Kaintura

    software that powers video call is temporarily unavailable   what should i do my call is goin to my friend but they wont pick it up yes i can receive their caal 

  4. Tina_fundal

    allready install facebook video but this we cannot video facebook,why plzz tell how can manage to video true facebook

  5. P_hitesh22

    that powers video call is temporarily unavailable   what should i do my
    call is goin to my friend but they wont pick it up yes i can receive
    their caal

  6. Zarina

    Hi Ganesh

    My video calling on Facebook used to work well and good, but suddenly it stopped working and shows a error saying The software that powers video calling is temp unavailable, tried many a times by uninstalling and reinstalling still no luck, pls suggest
    if you have any solution.

    Many thanks.

    1. jeyaganeshn

      Hi Zarina,

      As Shinaj, has commented.. only a clean re-install of video drivers will make it happen. I would suggest, using Google Hangouts. Haven’t got any hiccups yet on that!

      Best Regards

  7. Steven

    I’ve uninstalled the video plugin, restarted the browser (Chrome) and tried to install it again. It never seems to complete the install. Every time I click on the video icon, the install process starts over again.

  8. Stero Lee

    @1382ba619c0fec2a5a1dc48dc9c5e74b:disqus can you please post the solution on here for us please bcos it really sucks when you can’t make video calls on facebook

    1. jeyaganeshn

      The only problem, would be with the conflicting video drivers. Uninstall and clean your registry with Ccleaner. Then install the latest video driver, followed by the facebook video installation executable. Must Work. Or do a clean install of your OS, if the problem, still persists.
      Try Google Hangouts.. Seems to be, hassle free!

  9. donna

    i can hear and see my boyfriend but he can only hear me but not able to see me this has been a problem for 5days … what should we do.

  10. Sahib

    The software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable.They show me this again and again in every browser..what will be the solution plz…


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