[ UPDATED ] The Top 10 List of Open Warez Sites for Movies/Music/Apps/E-books/TV Series/Anime/Games

Last Updated on Jan 03, 2013

Here is the top list of sites which rule the Internet in the Open warez Scene. This blog doesn’t has any links with these sites, nor do we host any content from them. For more please see the DMCA at the end of this post or on the below given sites DMCA page.


This List is created on the criteria that, these sites, do not require any kind of registration or they do not ask for any kind of personal information for using it.

Please copy & paste these links in your browser address bar.



Note : is a cheap clone of the above mentioned site and it relies on the RSS feed of for updating its contents, even though it might appear in the first few results of google search query for ‘rlslog’ , the site is not considered original in the scene.






















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14 thoughts on “[ UPDATED ] The Top 10 List of Open Warez Sites for Movies/Music/Apps/E-books/TV Series/Anime/Games

    1. Anonymous

      I have just given MY top 10 list. Sir, if u have your list, do share, it will be featured here.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  

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