Vodafone SMS Pack New Tariffs for Chennai Circle

Vodafone has introduced some new tariffs plans for its short messaging service in the Chennai Circle.

New SMS Tariff Plans

No. of SMS/Day Validity Days INR Short Code
750 Local 7 21 *121*21#
200 Local 30 27 *121*27#
750 Local & National 30 61 *121*61#
333 Local & National 30 38 *121*38#
200 Local 90 47 *121*47#
  • Dhilipkumar

    Tariff Plans has been changed pls see on the vodafone website….

  • kiruphacaran

    we are happy to connect with vodafone . and the plan of sms for Rs.27 gives 200 sms per day is tooooo…. good this is r_kiruphacaran@yahoo.co.in

    • lovely velu

      its shows that message sending failed

  • kiruphacaran

    Hai, iam happy to connect with vodafone. the sms pack for Rs.27 gives 200 per day is tooooo….. gooooood kirupha

  • Darshil

    hey.. does this pack works on roaming…? reply fast

  • keerthi

    i’m also using vodafone msg booster for 27 but only 100 msg only sent per day without money

  • doom

    vodafone is fraud

    • doom

      that fellow charges 50 paise per day even with booster of 27 which makes it Rs.42 per month. useless network.. #thu